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Multi Processing Station With Oven 24V

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Oven with pneumatic sliding door. Downstream processing station with pneumatic transfer system including suction gripper, milling machine with turntable, and conveyor belt.

Connection to PLC control: The model has a circuit board with relays for reversing the direction of rotation of the motors. All inputs and outputs are available on both a jack plug (26-pin, 2.54 mm pitch) and on series terminals with push-in terminals.

Top Features:

  • Ideal training, simulation, and demonstration model for education, further education, industrial automation, and Industry 4.0/digitalization.
  • Already assembled, stable training model.
  • Mounted on a stable wooden plate, packaging of the model in sturdy cardboard.
  • Optionally available in the 9V standard voltage as well as in the worldwide 24V industrial standard.
  • CAUTION: absolutely necessary for operation is a PLC control 24V.

Included in the training model:

  • 4x Mini Motor (DC motor)
  • 6x Push button (limit switch)
  • 2x Phototransistor
  • 2x Light barriers LED
  • 4x Solenoid valve
  • Compressor

Current consumption: I = approx. 1.6A
Digital inputs: 9
Outputs 24V: 14

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