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fischertechnik Spareparts

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Circuit board MOSFET IRLZ24N

Printed circuit board with MOSFET IRLZ24N and 3 connection sockets Ø 2.5mm for fischertechnik flat..

Circuit board transistor BC847C

Circuit board with transistor BC 847C and 3 connection sockets Ø2.5mm for fischertechnik flat plugs...

Digital servo 4.8 V / 6.0 V

Digital servo 4.8 V / 6.0 VTo be used together with 203656, 203657, 203658, 203660 ..

Digital servo 4.8 V / 6.0 V Complete bundle

 Digital servo 4.8 V / 6.0 V Complete bundleComplete inclusive 203656, 203657, 203658, 2036..

Distributor board

Distribution board with 6 connection sockets Ø 2,5mm which are interconnected for fischertechnik f..

Measuring device Voltage - Current

Measuring device Voltage - CurrentOperating voltage: 3.5-30VCurrent at 3.6V: approx 9mACurrent at 12..

Potentiometer 10kOhm mounted

Potentiometer 0-10kΩ mounted in fischertechnik flat block, shaft 50mm long, Ø4mm, with 3 connectin..

U-axis 67 m. gear wheel Z28

U-axis 67 m. gear wheel Z28 Output axis for U-gear 31078 ..