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Automated High-Bay Warehouse 9V

Transfer station with conveyor belt, storage and retrieval unit (SRM) for storage and retrieval of s..

Factory Simulation 9V

Combination of the models Sorting Line With Color Detection, Multi Processing Station With Oven, A..

fischertechnik 3D-Robot TXT 9V

The 3-axis robot with gripping forceps quickly and precisely positions workpieces in three-dimensi..

fischertechnik Conveyor Belt TXT 9V

Transport belt with a length of 275 mm transports workpieces with a diameter of up to 29 mm. Sever..

fischertechnik Indexed line with 2 Machining Stations TXT 9V

Conveyor line with a milling and drilling station with four conveyor belts in a U-shaped arrangeme..

fischertechnik Punching Machine with Conveyor Belt TXT 9V

The punching machine with conveyor belt simulates conveying and punching of workpieces. The model ..

fischertechnik Transport case

fischertechnik Transport case for the fischertechnik Factory..

Mobile storage

Mobile storage - suitable for fischertechnik Trainingfactory 4.0 / Factory Simulation 9V & 24V ..

Mobile table

Mobile table - suitable for fischertechnik Trainingfactory 4.0 / Factory Simulation 9V & 24V..

Multi Processing Station With Oven 9V

Furnace with pneumatic sliding door. Downstream processing station with pneumatic transfer unit ..

Sorting Line With Color Detection 9V

Detects workpieces of different colors and sorts them via a conveyor belt into the provided stor..

Training Factory Industry 4.0 9V - Simulation

The fischertechnik learning environment is used for learning and understanding industry 4.0 applicat..

Vacuum Gripper Robot 9V

3-axis robot with vacuum gripper works quickly and precisely, positioning workpieces in three-di..