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Automated High-Bay Warehouse 9V Pre-Order

Automated High-Bay Warehouse 9V

Transfer station with conveyor belt, storage and retrieval unit (SRM) for storage and retrieval of s..

Factory Simulation 9V Pre-Order

Factory Simulation 9V

Combination of the models Sorting Line With Color Detection, Multi Processing Station With Oven, A..

fischertechnik 3D-Robot TXT 9V Pre-Order

fischertechnik 3D-Robot TXT 9V

The 3-axis robot with gripping forceps quickly and precisely positions workpieces in three-dimensi..

fischertechnik Conveyor Belt TXT 9V

Transport belt with a length of 275 mm transports workpieces with a diameter of up to 29 mm. Sever..

fischertechnik Indexed line with 2 Machining Stations TXT 9V Pre-Order

fischertechnik Indexed line with 2 Machining Stations TXT 9V

Conveyor line with a milling and drilling station with four conveyor belts in a U-shaped arrangeme..

fischertechnik Punching Machine with Conveyor Belt TXT 9V

The punching machine with conveyor belt simulates conveying and punching of workpieces. The model ..

fischertechnik Transport case Pre-Order

fischertechnik Transport case

fischertechnik Transport case for the fischertechnik Factory..

Mobile table Pre-Order

Mobile table

Back in stock around 15-12-2021!Mobile table - suitable for fischertechnik Trainingfactory 4.0 / Fac..

Multi Processing Station With Oven 9V Pre-Order

Multi Processing Station With Oven 9V

Furnace with pneumatic sliding door. Downstream processing station with pneumatic transfer unit ..

Sorting Line With Color Detection 9V Pre-Order

Sorting Line With Color Detection 9V

Detects workpieces of different colors and sorts them via a conveyor belt into the provided stor..

Training Factory Industry 4.0 9V - Simulation

The fischertechnik learning environment is used for learning and understanding industry 4.0 applicat..

Vacuum Gripper Robot 9V Pre-Order

Vacuum Gripper Robot 9V

3-axis robot with vacuum gripper works quickly and precisely, positioning workpieces in three-di..