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fischertechnik Accu Set 220V

fischertechnik Accu Set 220VCharger, which is controlled by a microcontroller and provides reliable ..

fischertechnik Control Set

The control set lets fischertechnik models be controlled remotely via the Bluetooth control app, usi..

fischertechnik Creative Box Basic

With the Creative Box Basic component set there are no limits to creativity. With a total of 630 com..

fischertechnik Creative Box Mechanics

Tinkerers and inventors, watch out! In the new Creative Box Mechanics there is something for everyon..

fischertechnik LED Set

fischertechnik LED SetThe LED Set is just the right solution for more light! The construction sets c..

fischertechnik Motor Set XM

fischertechnik Motor Set XMHigh performance geared motor in compact plastic casing with numerous pos..

fischertechnik Motor Set XS

fischertechnik Motor Set XSThanks to the compact measurements, this motor can be installed almost an..

fischertechnik Power Set

fischertechnik Power SetPower unit and infinitely variable control unit. The power supply from the e..

fischertechnik Sorting Box 1000

fischertechnik Sorting Box 1000Practical storage box with eight sorting boxes and 32 sorting partiti..

fischertechnik Sorting Box 500

fischertechink Sorting Box 500Sortingbox including 4 dividers.Dimensions: 258 x186 mm..