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Maker Kits

Maker Kits

fischertechnik Maker for Kidults – the basis for creative projects

The three fischertechnik maker construction kits form the perfect basis for sophisticated and innovative projects in the maker scene. Each kit contains a basic chassis for mobile robots, which serves as a starting point for creative overall constructions in makerspaces, FabLabs and similar facilities. In addition, 3D print templates for brackets for common controllers are provided so that they can be individually attached to the chassis.

Maker Kit eLearning

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Maker Kit Bionic

Create your own walking robot with our flexible base! With 8 degrees of freedom, you can simulate mo..

Maker Kit Car

Dive into the world of robotics with our perfect car chassis! This basic model not only provides a s..

Maker Kit Omniwheels

Discover the fascination of omnidirectional movement with our basic model of a driving robot! Equipp..