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fischertechnik Animal Friends

Top Facts:The material of the building blocks consists of at least 60% renewable raw mater..

fischertechnik Build your own game

Wouldn't it be great to be able to build different games with just one kit? No problem, with this ki..

fischertechnik Firefighter

The fire brigade has arrived. It is hard to imagine a children's room without a fire brigade. With t..

fischertechnik Funny Machines

A little push brings action to your child's room.With this new construction kit, seven year-olds can..

fischertechnik Racers

The speedy and attractively priced Racers with their functional steering bring guaranteed action to ..

fischertechnik Seilbahn / Cable Car

They cross imposing mountain massifs, connect towns and city districts, transport people or loads: c..

fischertechnik Solar

fischertechnik Solar The new solar rotor, a combination of solar cell and motor is the heart of thes..

fischertechnik Tractors

fischertechnik TractorsTwo tractor models and one dragster, all with functioning stub axle steering,..

fischertechnik Universal 4

With a total of 40 models, children ages 7 and up can get a look at the world of technology through ..

fischertechnik Universal Starter

fischertechnik Universal StarterModels such as the crane with cable winch and worm gear, racing car ..