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Arduino - Raspberry - micro:bit

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Arduino - Raspberry - micro:bit
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Arduino UNO F5 Adapter

The Uno-F5-Shield is a fischertechnik adapter for the Arduino UNO microcontroller...

fischertechnik Calliope

Programming in primary school: fischertechnik Calliope teaches pupils, from Year 3 and older, about ..

ft- Arduino MEGA F5 Adapter

The Mega-F5-Shield is a fischertechnik adapter for the Arduino MEGA-2560 microcontroller...

micro:bit F5 Adapter

absolutely necessary for operation micro: bit board, software and power supply.8 outputs6 entrances...

Raspberry Pi F5 Adapter

The Pi-F5-HAT can be used to control DC and SERVO motors as well as digital and analog sensors...

Starter Set for micro:bit

The new “Starter Set for micro:bit” by fischertechnik teaches the basic principles of programmin..